Paradise Thai Massage - A great place for a massage.
Prices starting on January 1, 2014
Thai Massage                                                                   
Do you have joint or muscle tension?  Thai massage is the traditional healing art.  A combination of rhythmic compressions, gentle rocking, deep stretching and acupressure. Recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing.
30 min $40   60 min $60  90 min $90   120 min $120
Deep Tissue Massage
Have you overused your muscles?  This service will help restore balance and ease of movement in the body by applying heavy pressure to the deepest layers of the muscles.
30 min $40     60 min $60     90 min $90   120 min $120
 Swedish Massage
Let us help you bring your mind and body to a state of relaxation.  This massage is comprised of long gliding strokes, kneading, friction and vibrating movements.  It helps the blood circulation.  At  sessions end you will feel revised and renewed.
30 min $40    60 min $60     90 min $90   120 min $120   
Combination Massage
If you are having trouble making up your mind, please try our combination massage which includes Swedish, Thai and Deep Tissue.  It will help your problem areas, relax and revitalize.
30 min $40   60 min $60   90 min $90    120 min  $120
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